Getting help

Well, I survived my first week back at work! It’s embarrassing some of the things my brain just totally forgot, but on the whole I feel moderately competent. That’s better than I thought I’d be!

Callie took bottles all week, so it seems like that’s something she’s come to accept. My mom tells me there’s still times when Callie will scream about it, but she’s gives up and takes it if you adjust her into just the right position.

And guess what. We got a housekeeper! This is the second help I’ve picked up this year—actually in my entire life!—starting with a gardener in january. The gardener won’t come on a regular basis, we’ll just call him when we have some major clean up to do. We weren’t sure how often we should get the housekeeper to come. For now, we’re starting her on two hours per week. I think that’s a little excessive on our part. I’m sure we could have gotten her to come only every other week and things would have been already way cleaner than they are right now! But you know what, I figured go big or go home. I’m sure there’s plenty she can do weekly to get us in a place where we’re comfortable doing every other week instead. My mom’s been having allergies because of the cat, so a weekly cleanup will help her. Once she’s done with babysitting in the summer, I think we can scale it down to even just once a month or something. Callie will be older by then and we’ll probably be able to do more ourselves!

Chris and I have been fighting off getting some help, in the garden and in the house. It’s not even about being able to afford, though the money’s definitively been tighter now that we have a huge mortgage and two kids. But for the most part, it’s knowing that it’s a luxury many manage fine without. There’s a guilt factor knowing we could do it ourselves if we worked harder at it. We’re both way too “I can do it myself” about everything, and we feel lazy delegating some of the work. Why pay someone else when we’re two capable individuals?

But you know what, I’m ready to cry uncle! I got a call from our mortgage broker on Thursday, saying the situation was highly advantageous for us to refinance right now. We could finally get rid of our mortgage insurance and even reduce our monthly payment. Just getting rid of our mortgage insurance alone could finance getting a housekeeper—and then some! So while the refinancing isn’t done yet, just knowing it’s something we CAN do was enough to convince me to jump on the housekeeper bandwagon.

You see how guilty I feel about getting help, I can’t shut up trying to validate it to myself!! But I’m glad we’ve gotten her. It’s a huge relief to know that when I don’t clean, the task won’t fall on Chris to pick up the slack.


One thought on “Getting help

  1. I don’t work and I have 2-3 housekeepers come for 2 hours each week. I will never give it up. I don’t even have pets! Don’t feel guilty. You work so hard. We also have a weekly gardener. No big.

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