A lazy Saturday morning

I’ve been priming Gabby all week that after her clock is green (6am), she can come cuddling with me and we’d spend all day in bed on the weekend. I somehow managed to convince her this was a cool idea. Callie woke up soon after Gabby, but gosh darn it, I was determined to have a lazy Saturday morning for the first time in 3.5 years. So I took Callie and threw her in bed with us! It was nice while it lasted.

Callie rolled over from stomach to back three times in a row last night, but I couldn’t get her to do it again in front of the camera today. However, when she was on her back, she kept twisting her legs as if she was trying to turn to her stomach. She’s not quite there yet, but it’s exciting to see.

When I have her sitting in my lap resting her back against me, she seems to really fight that position now. She doesn’t want to lean her back against anything, she wants to sit up! So I took Gabby’s old booster seat out of the garage. Callie isn’t super stable yet, but she seemed to really enjoy it for a little bit of time.


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