Progress, finally! Two pounds down from last week!

In my lovely fitness app I had set my calorie goal at 2000, which evidently is good enough to maintain my weight but not lose any. So this last week, I set it down to 1800. I also used my last week to exercise a lot more, which means I was able to eat a bit more without busting my new net calorie goal. Seems to be the right combo!

I was savoring the last of my maternity leave last week, hanging out with friends a bunch. Alas my stay-at-home-mom alter ego days are over. Back to reality! It’s sad, and a little bit exciting at the same time. I’m happy to see my coworkers again, although two of them are out on vacation for a few weeks, and a third quit. He’s going to be working with us for two more weeks, so I have to not only catch up with my work but also take up his. This was pretty bad news to come back too, but meh, what can you do. It could be worse, he could have been gone already!

Callie seems to be doing well with my mom. She was still not taking a bottle as I went back to work. She refused them completely yesterday, but at least I went home for lunch to feed her. Today she took bottles all day! I guess she finally decided she’d rather eat than be a bottle snob. Here’s to hoping it stays that way!


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    • Yeah, it’s really nice to get the extra help!

      On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 7:08 AM, Q.E.D: The Quiet and The Easily Distracted wrote:


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