Is my scale broken? I think my scale is broken. It’s just stuck at 147. Weird, right?

That was my weight when I checked on Tuesday at least. I had been slacking off in the exercise department, but I kicked my butt into high gear this week!

I got my new treadmill, and it’s awesome. The manual treadmill takes some getting used to, but it really packs a mean punch. I was sweaty in 20 minutes, despite being in a cold garage! Much more challenging than walking around our flat neighborhood!

I’ve also gone on a couple of really long walks with some of the ladies from my mommy group. The stroller is still a hit-or-miss with Callie, but she loves the front pack. I’ve heard it’s not really good for their backs at this early age so I try not to abuse it, but I’ll be going back to work next week anyway!

Gabby helped Chris assemble my treadmill. As soon as they were done, Gabby was running on it like a maniac. She thinks it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread. This thing will definitively have been worth the money if it can help Gabby burn some energy! Assuming she doesn’t break it. Or hurt herself!

(Photo is focused on the wrong thing, but you can see the crazy anyway)


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