I’m here for my weekly check-in to report I neither lost nor gained weight in the last week. I’m fine with that. It’s been hot here so I haven’t gone on any walks outside. It’s been really beautiful weather, but there’s something that just sucks about working up a sweat in the hot afternoon sun and then not being able to shower and change my clothes when I get home (not without someone screaming at me, at least).

Planning my afternoon stroller walk around the weather and Callie’s mood isn’t going to be a problem anymore in two weeks anyway. Once I head back to work, it’s going to be a whole different ball game. I’ve been putting a lot of thought about how I’m going to be able to allot time for exercise once I get back to work. When Gabby was a baby, I asked Chris to watch her one night a week while I went to yoga. I also went out on walks after she went to bed around 7 or so. It was often already dark outside, but it wasn’t too late.

This time around, I can’t really ask Chris to watch both kids through the dinner and bedtime routine while I escape for a couple of hours to yoga. And I can’t go out on a walk until both kids are in bed, which is around 9pm. 9pm is not THAT late, but it’s not a fun time to head out the door either. And when I’m out, I always feel guilty wondering if the baby is screaming her head off and giving Chris a hard time for not being mom. Moreover, when I’m not dead tired and going to sleep as soon as the children are down, I also have my GeekMom editing and writing work to do.

I was thinking it would be really fun to have a treadmill walking desk in the garage so I could do my GeekMom work at night while getting exercise at the same time, all while being available to care of Callie if she wakes up. That would really cover all my duties in one single block of time, how efficient! But I looked into it and wowzers. Treadmills are expensive!

I wasn’t ready to commit many hundreds of dollars for an idea that I may not even end up liking or using, so I looked around for options. I found manual treadmills, which lack a motor and are powered by your weight and walking pace on an incline. The major bonus is that some not-too-crappy popular models run around $100, so it was worth a shot. From what I read, you can’t really walk on it without holding the handles so I won’t be able to work at the same time even if I can secure a shelf for a laptop over the treadmill, but at least it satisfies my other requirements: I’ll be getting in my walks and still be available for mommy duty when needed.

I should be getting my manual treadmill this week, so let’s hope it’s not a complete piece of junk!


One thought on “147

  1. Very interesting! I get my exercise rocking Ethan for naps and pushing my two large children up hills in the stand & ride stroller. The hiking thing hasn’t worked out like I had hoped. But you gotta move somehow, right?

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