We’ve never had a scale, so when I was tracking my weight loss after having Gabby I was using the WiiFit. It was so frustrating that it took 10 minutes to finally get to a screen that would give me my weight, I ended up buying a scale this time.

Since it’s my very first scale in all my adult life, I got a little scale-happy and took my weight every day last week. 150, 151, 149, 150. Gah, I wasn’t losing any weight at all!

Over the weekend I ended up not checking, and I even pigged out quite a bit compared to how well I had been eating. Finally this morning I get on the scale for my weekly check-in and it says 147! Lesson learned: to lose weight, don’t check the scale and eat like a pig. Duly noted.

All jokes aside, I started walking with the stroller one hour per day. Yeah, I guess that might have helped!

As promised, I put $30 aside for each pound lost, which this week adds up to a whooping $90.

I started using the MyFitnessPal app while Callie was not well, to track what I was eating and how they impacted her mood and sleep. Now I don’t have to do that anymore, but I’ve gotten to really like using it! It has a bunch of foods already loaded in their system with their calorie count and nutrients, including many restaurant menus, so it makes tracking calories super easy. While I roughly know how good or bad most foods are, there’s still hidden surprises that I’m learning along the way.

Plus, even if you should know better than over-eating or eating junk, having to visually acknowledge it in a food diary makes you realize it’s often not worth it. Cookies are totally worth it, though!


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