Photo dump

The proof that Callie is growing. I moved her from 0-3m clothes to 3-6m. The 3-6m stuff is a little big, but when her diaper leaked at the doctor’s office, I put on an old pair of pjs on her and wow. It was so short, I had to shove her legs in there. You can see in the photo that her leg is folded inside the pj!


Gabby is learning to use a 2-wheel bike!

Today we went to the California Science Center to see Endeavour with Chris’ parents. When had gone last year on the very day we found out I was pregnant. Actually I suggested we name Calpurnia as Endeavour because of that, but Chris vetoed it. You can all thank him for that, although Endy would have been a cute nickname I think! Anyway, we were there today with baby in tow, it was a sweet moment for me.




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