It’s not the wheat

There’s some good news. Whatever was going on with Callie seems to be gone. Her “output” is more normal, she’s calmer and happier, and she’s sleeping well in her own bed at night. Holy mother of mercy, she’s sleeping well and so are we. Much much overdue.

I usually feed her after putting Gabby to bed at 8:30 pm, then she wakes up and I feed her again around 1 am and 4 am. Then she wakes up for the day around 6 am.

A couple of nights ago she even woke up only once at 2 am! If this keeps up, I may even be tempted to stay up after the kids are in bed at 9 pm to watch TV with Chris. Who knows, I could even stay up until 10 pm! Wouldn’t that be wild!

Since she seems to be doing better and is putting on weight, I decided to start introducing the forbidden foods back into my diet. Last Thursday I added back wheat, and what do you know, Callie wasn’t worst for wear. So wheat wasn’t the culprit.

I progressively started being less careful about dairy too, by eating foods with trace amounts of milk. There hasn’t been a problem, so today I pushed it a little farther and ate cheese. We’ll see how that goes! At this point, I think we’re all in agreement that whatever the problem was, she’s outgrown it. At least my temporary anti-cheese anti-bread diet probably helped me lose weight.

Talking of weight, I suppose it’s time for me to start posting my weight loss progress here once again so it keeps me honest and on track! Like with the last pregnancy, I gave myself until my first doctor follow up before caring about weight and exercise. During this pregnancy I gained 40 lbs. It is 10 fewer pounds than with the last pregnancy, but unfortunately I also started nearly 10 pounds heavier. So in the end, I still have the same amount to lose!

At my doctor appointment last week, I was at 150 lbs on the dot. And that’s not even fair because I was wearing jeans and it was 4:30 in the afternoon, so hopefully it’s actually a little better than that. With a pre-two-pregnancies weight of 123, I roughly have 25 lbs to lose. Actually, let’s use round numbers to keep things simple…
Now – 150
Goal – 120
Need to lose – 30… Oy!

I am not going to do any drastic weight lost dieting, but hopefully with a little exercise (with two kids, can I even fit in any exercise?!) and smart food choices, I can manage to lose 1 pound per week. It’s the start of a new year, so it seems like a good time to make a resolution. 30 lbs in 30 weeks. Deal? Maybe I should give myself an incentive. Like for every pound I lose, I put money in a jar and then I can buy myself something nice when I reach my goal. If I say $30 per pound, I’ll have $900 for my prize roughly around October… Maybe for a weekend vacation away from the kids?! There’s a real incentive!!

I’ll check in once a week with an update. Chris cleaned up the stroller so I can start going on walks this week (I tried it today for the first time with Callie and she screamed the entire time, wonderful), and I found a ridiculously expensive mommy-and-newborns yoga class that I can try until I go back to work. Wish me luck!


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