After playing around with too many variables, we seem to have found a sweet spot for Callie. No dairy, no wheat, feed only 2-3 hours, tight swaddling at night, pacifier when necessary. With this combo, her mood has improved considerably, her “output” is getting considerably more normal, she’s gained over 1 lb in the last week, and she sleeps in her Rock n’ Play sleeper bed alone most of the night. Thank goodness for progress!

I think the next step will be to re-introduce wheat and dairy one at a time to see if she’s truly reacting to those. It could be that it wasn’t an allergy at all and she just outgrew the problem. Maybe her stomach just needed the time to mature. After all, I’d been off dairy for 3 whole weeks before we started seeing improvements. If it had been a milk allergy, we should have seen at least some improvements within a week.

The wheat seems more likely the culprit, as her condition improved the very day I cut it out, but that could be a coincidence or a correlation.

Considering we finally have a happy, healthy, sleeping baby, it will be hard to have the guts to test out wheat and dairy again… Sleep has been long overdue and I don’t want to lose it again!


One thought on “Progress

  1. Yay for you! I just transitioned Ethan out of the rock n play at 5 mos, love that thing. Still use it for when I’m showering or eating and he’s up.

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