Gabrielle’s axioms

At 6 am this morning, Gabby calls out for help. I go over to her room and finds that she had removed some of the decorations off her wall. She goes on to explain that one of the nails came off the wall and she couldn’t find it. It was a small thumb tack-shaped nail, something that could easily sit around head side down waiting to a victim to step on it. Ah!

She tells me she used it to poke a hole in her Hello Kitty plushie, then a hole in her bed under the pillow, then she didn’t know. I asked her where she had put it, she still didn’t know.

I told Chris to go search her room, and Gabby followed him in. This is the conversation they had…

Chris: “Where is it?”
Gabby: “I don’t know.”
Chris: “What did you so with it?”
Gabby: “I put it in Hello Kitty’s ear.” (Like an earring)
Chris: “What did you do after?”
Gabby: “I hid it.”
Chris: “Where did you hide it?”
Gabby: “Under the bed.”

Good thing she didn’t “know” where it was!


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