Trying to figure it all out

My world’s best baby is slowly becoming more and more of a pain! At first she was happy and slept pretty great. Then she started having some bad nights. And then some more bad nights. And then mostly bad nights. And now they are ALL bad nights.

Bad nights usually also lead to bad days. Sigh.

I’ve asked around for advice and have received more opinions, ideas, and suggestions than you can shake a stick at. Is it a sensitivity to milk, gluten, sugar, gassy veggies, citrus fruits, or not related to my diet at all? I called the doctor’s office yesterday and the nurse suggested it was over feeding since I tend to feed Callie pretty often (it’s her fault for giving me those hunger cues all the time!), so that’s even another possibility. Whatever it is, it’s giving her some tummy troubles.

I just don’t know. If I change only one variable at a time to pinpoint the problem, Callie will be 6 years old by the time I finish trying all of those solutions! Colic peaks at 6 weeks and should taper off by 12 weeks so I suspect she will outgrow the problem before I figure out what it is.

In the meantime, I will continue to hope for a good night of sleep! I haven’t been getting more than 3 hours per night lately, it gets old quick!


One thought on “Trying to figure it all out

  1. So sorry to hear it. Anna had more trouble sleeping than Ethan. You know, there is so much advice and that’s why I love having a pediatrician I can trust. If you don’t love yours, maybe get a new one. It can make a huge difference. Hang in there girl. 3 hours a night is really rough.

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