Chris’ birthday weekend

First of all, a couple of cute Gabby videos!

Did you ever dance so hard that you broke your bones?
Too much dancing

She was talking about animal tracks and she was so descriptive, it was really impressive. By the time I got my phone out and recorded her, she had digressed to the point of yelling out word excitedly, as you can see in the video below. Still funny though!
Animal tracks

Yesterday we went to the Natural History Museum for their winter festival. We had hot chocolates, cut and decorated paper snowflakes, touched winter animal pelts, froze some flowers in liquid nitrogen, looked at the sun in special telescopes, and saw a planetarium show about constellations you can see in the winter sky. After the museum, Gabby and I made cupcakes for Chris.

Today is Chris’ birthday. Gabby woke up at 5 something, poor Chris. No sleeping in today. We went to the zoo this morning, relaxed at home this afternoon, and went to see Frozen at the drive-in theater tonight! The movie was a 5:15 so we packed sandwiches, cupcakes, and snacks to eat in the car during the movie.

I had never seen a drive-in movie, and obviously neither had Gabby. It was a great experience! I hate movie theaters, but the drive-in was a perfect solution. Not too loud, not too cold, and we could bring all the food from home we wanted! It was also perfect with small kids, Gabby could talk and wiggle without bothering anyone. Gabby was so excited, she couldn’t stop talking about it the whole way back home!

After a couple of weeks working part-time from home, Chris is going back to his regular schedule tomorrow. It will be weird to be home alone with Callie again, but it won’t be for long since Gabby and Chris are off during Christmas week. After that, my in-laws are coming to SB for a month. This maternity leave sure is less boring than the last one was!


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