One good night

Just when I think I’ll never sleep again, Callie does something wonderful like sleep in her crib from 10 to 6:30, walking up only once to nurse. It was the first time she successfully slept in her crib for longer than 20 minutes. Out of everything we’ve tried, she sleeps unbuckled in her infant car seat the best, even at night. Some people look at me like I’m deranged for putting her in her car seat to sleep at night, but I figure lots of babies start out sleeping in in swings and rockers for months, and it’s all the same darn thing. Anyway, I hope we are going to get many repeat performances as we try to transition her to her crib permanently, but I have very strong doubts it’ll go that smoothly every night.

Pictures of the one month old… Who’s that good-looking baby?

Oh it’s just me. Carry on.


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