One month old!

Callie is one month old today! To celebrate, we decided to all get sick. Doesn’t that sound like fun?!

I snuck out to my parents’ house with Callie yesterday and today so my mom could take care of her while I attempted to nap my cold away. Meanwhile, Chris stayed home with a sick Gabby. Chris and Callie seem to be healthy for now.

Callie, having overheard so many stories about how easy a baby she was, decided to channel her inner diva. She’s been a cranky, sleepless mess for the past couple of days. It’s been an uphill battle trying to catch an hour of sleep here and there, which is just awesome timing with me being sick. I hope it passes soon, I want my happy baby back!


One thought on “One month old!

  1. Our pediatrician says 1 month is about the time things get nuts. That’s when I realized Ethan needed Zantac and it got better after that. Hope it’s a short adjustment for you.

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