Getting back to a normal life

It seems like forever since I’ve posted something other than pictures or quick Gabby quotes. I started writing posts a few times, but I never seem to finish them and then what I wrote doesn’t seem relevant anymore when I get back to it a couple of days later.

Things are going pretty well most of the time. When Callie sleeps well, she sleeps really well and then has an awesome easy day the next day. But when she has a bad night, she has a really bad night (the kind where I only get 2 hours of sleep) and an awful cranky day the next day. Thankfully, there are more good nights than bad, although it seems the bad nights are getting more frequent lately. It’s been so ridiculously cold here in the last week and we are blasting the heater like there’s no tomorrow, but there’s still a chill in the air because our SoCal houses really weren’t built to hold in heat very well. I have a feeling that’s her problem. She wasn’t letting me put her down yesterday evening so finally I decided to try putting a hat on her and swaddling her with a flannel baby blanket and she slept fine after that. Tonight I just put a onesie under her pajama, hopefully that does the trick.

Anyway. Every time we go out, strangers swoon over how tiny newborns are and ask us how old she is and what her name is. So of course we spend a lot of time explaining where Calpurnia comes from! We went to the grocery store the other day and as we were waiting in line, we saw a friend in line in front of us. We said hi and introduced the new baby as Calpurnia. That’s when a stranger in line behind us said “that was the name of Julius Ceasar’s wife!” We laughed and told him he was the first person EVER to recognize the name and maybe he should apply for Jeopardy. Nice change of pace to see one person recognize the name!

Chris was busy with some work deadlines when Callie was born so I didn’t see a whole lot of him in November. He was mostly at home but working remotely at all hours. Now that the deadline has passed, he told his boss that he was going to finally take some time off whether they liked it or not. They were very appreciative of his dedication and gave him not only permission to take time off but also gave him a little extra PTO to make it happen. So he’s been taking it pretty easy last week, putting in a few hours of work per day and then hanging out with Callie and I. We’ve been super productive, getting errands done and checking things off our to-do list. We’ve also relaxed a little bit, but even when we’re running errands it’s nice to be spending time together without Gabby demanding our attention constantly. Callie requires attention too in her own way, but most of the time she’s sleeping or nursing so it’s quiet enough for us to hold a conversation that lasts more than 5 seconds. It’s weird hanging out with a kid who isn’t yelling “mom! Mom! Look, mom! Mom!” all the time.

In other news, the cat has calmed down a good bit. She still hisses at her reflection sometimes, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was when we first brought Callie home. It doesn’t happen as often, which is great in its own right, but when she does do it, it’s just a quick dissatisfied hiss instead of a 5-minute display of feline dominance. We just might let her stay.

We had a busy weekend… A Christmas parade, a Christmas party, and a dentist appointment for Gabby. It’s nice to be going out and about once again, even if it’s just short outings!


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