Weekends are hard

We survived our first weekend! As I expected, it was pretty hard. Callie did not have good nights, she wanted to nurse all the time. Had it been during the week, I would have napped with her during the day and would have been ok. But it was the weekend and whenever Callie would have let me nap, Gabby was home so I couldn’t. Chris took Gabby out a few times, but sleep schedules did not line up favorably. I was running on fumes, but now it’s Monday and I was able to take an afternoon nap with Callie and feel much better. I don’t know how we’re going to survive the long thanksgiving weekend!

Man, I don’t know how stay-at-home moms do/did it. Props to all of you.

I also found out that postpartum recovery is no joke. Last week I was feeling better every day, but I started feeling really sore over the weekend. I couldn’t remember feeling that bad with Gabby, but then again I wasn’t trying to keep up with a 3-year-old back then! I called the nurse today to say I had some concern about feeling worse and the first question she asked was if I had done more physical activity. She said it often happens that women feel better after a few days so they start overdoing it and then feel so much worse. I wasn’t overdoing it on purpose, just trying to give Gabby as much mommy time as possible, which ultimately wasn’t even that much time. Today I cuddled with Callie on the couch all day and was feeling better, but then I cooked dinner and gave Gabby a bath and now I feel painfully sore all over again. I guess recovery will be more of a process this time around.

But hey, Callie is one week old now! She’s starting to fill in nicely. Hopefully that means I’m getting closer to fitting in something other than extra large pajamas soon!



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