It will happen, eventually!

I called the hospital this morning at 8 am as instructed, half expecting them to tell me they wouldn’t have any room for me until Monday or something. Turns out they told me to come in at 9 am. I was completely speechless, I wasn’t expecting to go in right away!

So we showed up at 9, got checked in, etc. I didn’t get started on the antibiotics until 10:30 am. At first they were talking about starting the induction at 12:30 but I think there was some confusion between the nurse and the doctor about whether the doctor wanted to start with breaking the water or pitocin. Long story short, Chris and I have been doing a whole lot of nothing for most of today, but we’ve been told the doctor should come by at 2:30 to break my water.

To kill some time, we went out to walk on the patio. We were sitting and chatting when we saw 2 huge hawks come by! They had leather things with bells on their legs, so they were obviously there on purpose. We’d seen an episode of Dirty Jobs about this guy in San Francisco who’s job was to get trained hawks to fly around the city dump to get rid of the seagull problem, so we assumed this is what they were doing! We confirmed it with a nurse, she said they come by every Sunday and fly around a couple of hours to scare the birds away so the beautiful new hospital doesn’t get covered in bird poop. There’s even a couple of fancy hotels around town who also do that. Interesting!




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