Getting ready

Nothing new to add, but I’m going crazy waiting until our scheduled appointment at the hospital at 10 pm so I might as well write something!

After writing the post about the induction yesterday, we actually did a lot of talking and hesitating. We went to bed having decided we weren’t going to do the induction after all. We were pretty sure we’d make it to the hospital on time (it’s only 20 minutes away after all) and we didn’t think the risks of induced labor were really worth it. I mean, how many women labor in less than 20 minutes anyway?!

Then of course I couldn’t sleep so I started researching Group B Strep. I felt we had kind of brushed it off too quickly. We figured surely we’ll have 15 minutes to get the antibiotics in me before the baby’s born, and left it at that. But in reading about it, I found out the antibiotics need at least a couple of hours to be effective, preferably 4 hours. And if I don’t get the antibiotics on time, the baby has a 1 in 200 chance of contracting a life-threatening illness like a blood infection, meningitis, or pneumonia. Wow, that was scary enough to convince me to go for the induction!

I told Chris about it in the morning and he wasn’t convinced. Sure it sounds scary, but it’s smart to question the medical information you read online. I get that. He had so many questions that I really couldn’t answer, so I had him call the doctor directly. I don’t know what she said to him, but he went from being pretty against induction to totally for it.

So here we are, getting ready to leave for the hospital in a couple of hours. Here we go!


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