Inducing tomorrow!

I’ve had contractions tease me all week. Every evening they start getting regular and more frequent, just not quite frequent enough to go to the hospital quite yet. I pack my toothbrush thinking I won’t make it through the night then head to bed early to get some sleep while I can, but sure enough they go away overnight. So annoying!

I guess I got something for my trouble because I just came out of a doctor appointment and she said I went from 3 cm to 4 cm this week. I was actually seeing a different doctor today because my usual one is out for a long weekend. My doctor was the one who suggested I may want to get induced at 39 weeks because she thinks the baby will come out fast, so I was happy to be getting a second opinion from a different doctor today. I’d rather wait for things to come on their own rather than induce, but if two doctors agree that inducing may be the safest route then that’s saying something.

This doctor today said that it was up to me, really, but her inclination was to induce. Just to be on the safe side. If I was still at 3 cm or Group B Strep negative, she wouldn’t necessarily advise for an induction. But 4 cm is kind of the tipping point considering my situation. And since I’m strep positive, they want to have some time to give me antibiotics at the hospital before the baby comes.

Both doctors have told me that it really shouldn’t take much to get my labor started, they both said that they’ll probably just need to break my water and the rest should happen without any labor-inducing medicine like Pitocin. That was one of the main selling point for me, because I really don’t want medicine to induce. I’ve heard too many horror stories. Breaking the water seems natural enough though. With Gabby my water broke first (on its own) and contractions came later, so maybe it’s naive of me but I feel somewhat confident that will happen again if they break the water for me.

Anyway, so I agreed to inducing. I hope that’s the right decision. They usually don’t do anything until 39 weeks so she wanted to schedule the induction for Sunday because that’s the day I turn 39 weeks. She called the hospital to schedule it and they were full for Sunday so she scheduled me for Saturday night at 10 pm instead. I had to think about it for a second before I realized, holy cow, that’s TOMORROW! Aaaaaaahhhhh!

I’m all kinds of freaking out. Of course I was due to pop any day now. In fact, I’ve been threatening to pop for the last 6 weeks! But it feels different actually knowing it will happen tomorrow. If everything goes smoothly, Baby Zero will be born Sunday! We’re having a baby! A BABY!!! Who’s idea was that?! That’s crazy.

The doctor I saw today will be the one seeing me at the hospital tomorrow night. When I left, she said “see you tomorrow if you don’t go in labor before that.” I guess even with an induction date and time, there’s still no certainty!


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