Time change party

On Saturday we explained to Gabby that we would “move time” and we would go to bed one hour late that night and have to go back to sleep for another hour when we woke up the next morning. We asked her what she wanted to do with her extra hour on Saturday night and she didn’t know so I jokingly asked if she wanted to party. She was excited about that idea, so we ran with it. We went to the store to buy party snacks and party decorations, then came home and threw ourselves a little time change party! We figured we might as well make time change seem as fun as possible.

Sunday morning, she woke up at 4am then 5am and barely made it to 6am entertaining herself quietly in her room. This morning she slept until 5 minutes to 6am, so that was a huge success… Hopefully it wasn’t a fluke!


Sunday my parents came up to SB to see us. My mom asked if we needed her to stay, but I didn’t have any signs of labor so I said no. Of course, as soon as they left I started having contractions that we’re getting more regular and frequent. After a few hours, they weren’t going away so I asked her to come back in case we would need to go to the hospital that night! My poor mom! I was so sure we’d be going to the hospital that I even packed my bag and toothbrush before going to bed. The contractions calmed down overnight though, so no baby yet! Such a tease.

Tonight, Gabby completed her first 100 piece puzzle, with some help. She was so proud of herself for doing a puzzle with so many small pieces!



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