More unwanted contractions

After 10 or so days of fairly minimal contractions (maybe 1-3 per hour, if any), I got cocky and started doing little activities around the house. Consequence or coincidence, I’m not sure, but contractions picked up once again Tuesday evening. They started at 10 minutes apart after dinner, and overnight they went to 8, to 7, to 6, to 5 minutes apart! Sometimes even less. They were definitively not painful enough that I wouldn’t have been able to talk through them like the hospital told me to come back for, and yet they kept getting more frequent so I was freaking out… At what point do I call my mom to come watch Gabby? After all, she’s an hour away, not counting the time it would take for her to get ready and go, so I’d have to make the call at least 1.5 hour before we’d need to leave for the hospital. However, it was in the middle of the night so I don’t think she’d appreciate driving up at 2am for a false alarm! I had to be sure. No matter how frequent they were, I had to wait for pain. It was so nerve-racking!

I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I waited and waited for them to get more painful, but they never did. Around 4am I managed to fall to sleep and when I woke up, the contractions were back to 10 minutes apart. I asked my mom to come over that day just in case I relapsed, but thankfully I did not. I just laid in bed the whole day and things continued to calmed down.

So that was my adventure for the week. Hopefully my only adventure for the week! Can I mention how much I hate false labor?! It’s so stressful cause you never know if it’s the real thing starting. It’s also physically exhausting, it’s like a workout that never ends!

I was excited to resume normal activity at 37 weeks, but having gone through another bout of false labor was definitively a reminder to take things easy. I’d much rather have the baby come around her due date than 3 weeks early. At this stage the baby is gaining half a pound per week, so those 3 weeks can make a big difference. Not to mention I’d much prefer avoid any more false labor until the real thing comes!

One thought on “More unwanted contractions

  1. I feel for you. Once the baby is here, you will be so over all this stuff, you will just be happy to have your precious girl. I am so excited for you. The second baby is such a gift, you can really appreciate it so much more.

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