35 weeks, but still waiting to be bored!

This week I am at 35 weeks, which means the whole preterm labor fiasco happened already two weeks ago! If you recall, when I was first admitted in the hospital they ran some labor protein test on me. If it comes back positive it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going in labor, but if it’s negative then there’s only a 1 in 700 chance of going in labor in the next 14 days. My test came back negative. The doctor took all the necessary precautions in case I was that odd 1 in 700 (definitively seemed like it for a while!), but in the end I guess the test was right. Another two weeks done!

Now that the 14 days are over though, all bets are off. It feels weird not having that test as a security blanket, reassuring us it probably wouldn’t happen yet. Now it really could happen any day! However, the last week was pretty uneventful, belly-wise, so I’m starting to believe I’ll make it to full term after all.

My belly was pretty much the only thing that was uneventful last week though. I worked remotely Monday and Tuesday. Then on Tuesday I had a doctor appointment, my first since the hospital, and the doctor recommended I start my pregnancy disability leave now to avoid any unnecessary stress from work. I mean, I might as well considering I can do so without losing much income at all, thanks tax dollars!

So Wednesday was my first official real resting day. Or it would have been except I felt another tooth was a crack and ended up going to the dentist with an emergency appointment. I was ready to get another crown, same as happened in July, but in the end the dentist said it wasn’t a full crack. It was more like a chip and he decided it didn’t need to be tended to until after I delivered the baby. Best news ever!

Thursday was going to be my real REAL first days of rest… except that’s when Chris announced he was going to bring in the cat to the animal shelter Friday afternoon. Of course after that I was an emotional mess and I avoided thinking about the cat by distracting myself with TV all day on Thursday and Friday. I guess technically that’s rest? It just didn’t feel like it, I was so stressed! I kept looking at the cat and feeling so guilty. It was not a good two days. I just kept telling myself, “next week! Next week I will be alone at home with nothing to do! I’m going to get so much writing done!” There’s so many GeekMom posts I’ve been wanting to write but have been putting off.

Do you think it worked out that way? Of course not! Gabby caught a cold. So she stayed home yesterday, and my mom is up (again! poor her!) to help out so Chris can still go to work and I don’t have to get up to run after Gabby too much. Gabby is at home today as well, and I’m guessing no tomorrow isn’t looking good either.

One day! One day I will have peace and quiet! I may be able to write in my personal blog with Curious George in the background, but I can’t focus enough to write anything serious. Now my only goal is to keep the baby inside long enough to get bored and get some real writing done!


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