Goodbye Anathema

Last weekend we brought Anathema to the animal shelter. We’ve had her since 2008 and I loved her, but sadly she just kinda lost her marbles when we moved from to the new house two years ago. She stopped using the litter box, woke up Chris at all hours of the night, and treated our other cat Raven as if they’d never met before.

We went through hell and high water to get her litter-trained again, but it never really totally worked. She stopped doing her business all over the house within a couple of months, which was a huge improvement, but she kept going everywhere in the garage. We tried everything, down to cat pheromone plug-ins. EVERYTHING. Some of it seemed to work for a while, but then we’d get a new wild animal roaming our yard and she’d lose it all over again.

Maybe if she had been the perfect cat with a litter box problem, that’d be one thing. But she was mean and vicious to everyone but me. She made Chris so upset so often, and he’s not a guy easily ruffled. I’d been telling him for months that I would accept it if he wanted to get rid of her. I loved her, but his happiness was more important. However, he kept refusing to come to that extreme.

One day last week Chris was working from home at his desk in the garage and she peed outside the litter box three times. Three times in one day! Each time, Chris had to spend 20 minutes away from his work to clean up the garage floor with bleach – we all know how much cat urine stinks. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He was done.

Of course, I still cried like a baby when he left with her.

Gabby was a little sad too when I broke the news to her, but then turns out she was just sad because she thought we’d take Raven away too. Raven actually hangs out with us and lets Gabby pet her. I said Raven was staying with us, and that was good enough for her.

It’s probably foolish of me, but I do hope Anathema finds a better home for her needs. A single-pet household in a city environment where she wouldn’t be so stressed. Maybe that will fix her like we couldn’t.

We’ve been a 3-pet household for so many years, it’s very very strange to be down to one pet. We’re like normal people now! It’ll be really nice to have less responsibilities while we’re dealing with a newborn again.

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