The mystery name

I was in the hospital when my mom arrived to help on last Tuesday. I asked Chris if he erased our name board before she arrived and he had not, so now our secret mystery name is out of the bag! Might as well get everyone in the loop then!

It is… Calpurnia Nyx!

Calpurnia is a really really old name, it was the name of Julius Caesar’s third and last wife. It’s also a genus of flowers that includes multiple sub-species. While it’s never entered the top 1000 names, EVER, I don’t think it’s too weird. I know it from a cute fiction book I read a couple of years ago, “The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate”. Based in late 1800s Texas, the main character is a tween named Calpurnia (“Callie”), who defies her mother’s wishes for her to become a good housewife (as women ought to be at the time) and instead seeks to learn natural science with her scientist grandfather. On top of her being such a spunky and curious little girl, I remember really liking the name while I was reading the book. I know it’s an L-intensive nickname, which I was looking to avoid, but Callie is just so cute for a little California girl! Chris loves it and I love that it’s not super trendy, so I’m not going to complain about the Ls. Gabby and Callie makes a cute pair, I think!

The middle name Nyx came up when I was searching for mystical/mythical names like Gabby’s middle name Faye. Nyx means “night” and in old German mythology it is a water sprite. It does have the same dark and mysterious attitude we like from Scarlett, but without the major popularity factor. Chris likes it so much, I think he’d pick Nyx as the middle name regardless of whether we pick Eloise, Noa, Juno, or Calpurnia as a first name. He jokes that if the baby is born on Halloween, he’ll lie and cheat in order to make sure her name is Scarlett Nyx. Scarlett Nyx born on Halloween, oy!

So there you have it, the mystery name! If it were up to Chris, I think we’d already be committed to Calpurnia Nyx (unless she’s born on Halloween, evidently). Personally I’m still waiting to see her face before I’m entirely convinced!


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