Back home… again!

Yesterday’s contractions calmed down overnight. I’ve been feeling so frustrated about this whole thing. I mean, am I going to have to keep going back to the hospital every other day?! It’s not like I’m being paranoid and going to the hospital for no reason. They gave me instructions (come back if you get 6 contractions per hour) and I followed them. How often was this going to happen?!

Thankfully, the nice nurses and doctors don’t want to keep seeing me as much as I don’t want to keep seeing them! They’re changing their “plan of action” for me… instead of treating me like a preterm labor patient (threshold of 6 contractions per hour), they’ll just treat me like a regular full-term labor patient. That means I don’t have to go back unless I’m ready to deliver: painful regular contractions every 4 minutes or my water breaking. Even though I’m not really full term yet, I’m far enough along and they’ve done everything they could to prepare the baby for preterm labor with the steroids, antibiotics, etc. So there’s really no reason for me to go back to the hospital unless the baby is actually coming, at this point they won’t try to stop labor anyway.

The nice part about my new set of instructions is that I don’t need to tract my contractions anymore. It takes some constant monitoring to count if you get 6 contractions per hour, but it really doesn’t require any monitoring to know the contractions are painful enough to take your breath away… you’ll just know!

So hopefully, there won’t be anymore false alarms and useless trips to the hospital! The next one will be for the real thing. Assuming I don’t panic and go too early!

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