There’s a bet on me!

The nurse did a test yesterday to see if I was positive for this one specific hormones that women release during real labor. It came back negative, and the doctor told me there’s only a 1 in 700 chance I’ll give birth within 2 weeks if it’s negative. That combined with the meds working well to stop contractions yesterday afternoon left the doctors and nurses really confident I would go home today and probably make it to term.

Unfortunately, like I said, contractions are powering through the meds and I went from 2cm to 3cm. I just heard back from the neonatal specialist who still vouches I won’t go into active labor for at least two weeks (1 in 700 chance!) and to keep taking the meds to slow things down. The nurse, however, is convinced I will have this baby today. They actually have a bet on me!! Personally if you ask my gut feeling, I think this baby is coming this week.

Stay tuned!


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