Something’s REALLY going on, ah!!!

As of yesterday evening, the contractions had stopped with the meds and things were looking good for me to get discharged today for bed rest at home.

Unfortunately I woke up at midnight and the contractions picked up again despite the meds. The doctor decided to up my dose, but to no avail. Then they starting give antibiotics just in case I was really going into labor soon, the same way I had antibiotics while in labor with Gabby because I’ve had some sign of some bacteria thing some time in the past (if you’ve ever had it at all, you get the antibiotics by default).

Anyway, the contractions have only gotten more frequent, more regular, and more intense (though not painful yet). So the nurse checked me this morning. If I was still at 2cm, then maybe the contractions were just “practice” and not “real labor.” Unfortunately, I’m at 3cm this morning. Things just got real. The talk about “who knows, you may not change and make it full term” just became “this baby’s coming out sooner rather than later. Get your husband over here.”

The nurse is waiting on an answer from the doctor right now… They will either continue to stop (more like slow down at this point) the contractions with meds because they prefer to give the steroids 24 hours to work, or just go ahead and stop the meds and have me go into full labor as it soon as it comes naturally (so like, today).

I was cool as a cucumber until now, but now I’m freaking out! I’m not mentally ready for birth! I’m not ready to pick a name yet! I haven’t even gotten any time off from work before labor! I had plans… PLANS, people! It’s not November yet!! It’s barely even October!

I will write again once I know what the doctor says. Chris just dropped off Gabby at preschool and I sent him home to pack an overnight bag for himself before he heads over. My mom offered to come up today for a few days to help with everything, that’s when she thought I would be on bed rest for a while… You can bet I told her to come now, and told her to be prepared to stay a few days alone with Gabby!

It definitively is starting to look like if we don’t get a baby today, it will be sometimes this week. Ahhhh! At least everyone seems pretty confident about the baby’s chances on the outside. I’m passed the stage to be worried about problems with the brain (32 weeks), or other serious problems that come before the 32 week mark. 34 weeks is usually when the baby is pretty much ready and just putting on lots of fat, and I’m just a few days shy of that.

We will see!


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