Is September Over Yet?

It has not been a good month! Gabby had a really nasty cough. She had no other symptoms though, no fever or anything, so the doctor kept telling us to stick to the natural remedies (humidifier, hot showers, hot liquids) and wait it out. Four weeks and two doctor appointments later, we finally scored some antibiotics! So now Gabby’s cough is getting much better, and so is her attitude. It’s just a bummer that it pretty much ruined our entire month of September!

Unfortunately, I also caught her cough last week. I wasn’t feeling too bad aside from the ridiculous amount of coughing. I swear I was going to cough the baby out if I kept coughing so much! On Monday I started feeling worse. I had a midwife check up on Tuesday. She said the cold wouldn’t hurt the baby but I should probably keep the cough under control (maybe I really could cough the baby out!) so I got permission to use cough medicine… such a relief! I took THREE days off work this week because of this darn bug, I literally napped 6 hours per day then slept all night as well. Ridiculous!

Anyway, I actually feel much better today (didn’t stop me from sleeping all day though) so I will go back to work tomorrow. I feel really bad missing basically a whole week of work so soon before going on maternity leave, but what can you do?! Pregnant, sick, or working: pick 2!


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