Sometimes she makes me proud, part 2

Yesterday when the preschool said they talked about what the kids wanted to become when they grew up, I already knew Gabby would have answered “plant scientist.” It’s one of the things that really caught Gabby’s eye in one of her favorite books (there’s a scientist in “Astronaut Handbook” who is pictured with plants, hence the “plant scientist”) and she’s been sticking to that answer for quite a while. Sometimes she says engineer because the girl loves herself some robots, but usually it’s “plant scientist.”

The teachers wrote down the answers and the children had to do “drawings” about it (read: scribbles). All the answers and drawings were displayed in the classroom, so I checked them out for fun this morning to see what all the kids said.

The results really surprised me! Answers were along these lines, “I want to become a…” : horsey, mermaid, mom, dad, space dude, superhero… Gabby was the only one who responded with any kind of real profession!

I figure we must be doing incredibly right as parents, or terribly wrong!! Maybe we don’t let her think outside the box enough?! Technically the question didn’t explicitly say it had to be a job. Maybe she should be using her imagination a little bit more? Well whatever, I was proud of my little standout!


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