The fourth name

Let me start by introducing you to the “Chris scale” for names. Since I do most of the name searching and Chris is a man of few words, I’ve had to interpret his man grunts into a scale by which to judge names. Here’s how it works, on a scale from 1 to 5.
1 – “No”
2 – He makes a word play joke about it. (e.g.: “Calliope? More like Calli-nope!”)
3 – “Meh”
4 – “Not bad”
5 – “I like it”

So I’ve been playing around with middle names for our new list of approved names (Eloise, Noa, and Juno – all 4s on the Chris scale). So far, I came up with these name combos that have each earned a 4:

Eloise Scarlett – The old standby.

Noa Aisling – Aisling is an Irish name, it’s actually pronounced Ashling and it means “dream, vision.” We like the Ash sound, it’s a bit more modern than Ashley, and I just love the way it looks for some reason. It’s got a bit of symmetry, I don’t know. It’s often Americanized to Ashlynn, but I like how different “ling” sounds compared to the more common -line or -lynn names. Anyway, I thought it sounded good with Noa, any middle name ending in A would be too sing-songy (example Noa Magnolia). It’s amazing how hard finding a good middle name for Noa was… Something too short looked strange, something too long looked strange, and it needed something unmistakably feminine since Noah is a common boy name.

Juno Anthea – Juno is definitively a strong sounding name (to me at least) and it was hard to find a middle name that held up its own against it. I really liked the name Thea because it made me think of my grandmothers Therese and Rhea, but it scored a 1 on the Chris scale. Juno Thea doesn’t really flow well anyway. I’ve been participating in some baby naming forums and someone suggested Anthea to me instead… An for Ariane, The for Therese, and Hea for Rhea! It is of Greek origin and means “flower, blossom.” Chris said it was good enough to put on our name board if I liked it, which is something like a 3.5. Done.

Now here’s the kicker… While I was searching for middle names, I found a new name that Chris and I LOVE. I mean, it was a 5 on the scale. A 5, you guys!!! And not only that, it also looks great with one of the middle names Chris and I loved. We haven’t share this middle name yet, since it didn’t work well with any other first name we liked so far. That’s two 5s together! It stands to reason we would share this name with you, as I’ve had no hesitation sharing every single name idea we’ve ever had so far. And yet, a big part of me wants to hold this one close to my chest. I’m not sure if I feel that way because I have a feeling people won’t like it, or if it just feels special and I don’t want anyone to soil it with any “I don’t like it” or “Eloise is better.” For all our other names, including Gabrielle’s, I wanted to know how family felt about them. For this one, I don’t want to know if people like it or not. Is that weird?

Anyway, so now we’re armed with a list of four names. 3 we like, 1 we love. We’re still taking the whole set to the hospital and we will decide once we see her. In the mean time, you’re up to date with the naming debate! Well, except for the mystery name 🙂


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