The nicest thing

Some people are just awesome.

It was Friday afternoon and I was feeling tired and sleepy after a big lunch (free company lunch where I, of course, ate too much dessert). Deciding that tea would lighten my mood and help settle my lunch, I walked (read: waddled) into the break room to get some. There was one guy in there. He looked up at me and I thought “oh great, ANOTHER person who’s going to tell me I look like I’m ready to pop.” Pregnancy definitively makes antisocial, no one ever really talks to me anymore without bringing up the size of my waistline in wildly inappropriate ways.

He asked me what’s going on, I said not much and asked him the same. He replied there was nothing going with him in comparison to everything I was doing at the same time: raising a child, growing another, and still making it happen at work. He went on to say how unbelievable it is to him that women can be pregnant and still carry the same load they did before, the same load as everyone else who aren’t dealing with pregnancy at the same time.

He was genuinely in awe. And you know what, so was I! I think that’s the single nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me related to pregnancy. Being pregnant is such a thankless job. To have someone inspired by everything I do, when I’m at the height of my guilt because of everything I can’t do, it honestly made me so happy I almost cried!


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