Will this baby come early?!

About one week ago, I felt an unusual high level of movement from the baby. It wasn’t little kicks and cute wiggles. There was nothing cute or little about it, I swear she was trying to break her way out. She was stretching and pushing really hard against my hip bones and twisting. I mean, it HURT. I actually involuntarily yelped a couple of times at work! I knew what she was doing, she was turning to go head down. And not gently! I never felt it with Gabby, but I sure did with this one!!

Then on Sunday, we took a little hike with Gabby. Afterward I was feeling tired so I took a nap that afternoon, and I woke up feeling like the baby had dropped. I immediately had a gut feeling that the baby would come early, soon even. I was super worried so I googled it (stupid, I know)… For the first pregnancy, the baby drops a couple of weeks before labor. For subsequent babies, it doesn’t even drop until a few hours before labor!! I was freaking out, but I just told myself the baby wouldn’t just come on its own two months early. That’s crazy.

Thankfully I already had a doctor appointment scheduled for Monday morning. She confirmed the baby was indeed head down already, which isn’t a big deal. She also said that pressure/dropping feeling can be a sign of labor, but she wasn’t super worried about it unless I showed other signs of labor. And she pointed out the best possible indicator that you’ll carry the baby to term is a history of carrying babies to term, which I have.

The doctor suggested I drink a lot of water and avoid physical activities for the next few days. That’s pretty much the trick to stopping preterm labor, lay down and stay well hydrated. That’s what they would do if I went until the hospital anyway, hook me up on IV fluids and wait it out. She didn’t seem concerned at all though, which makes me feel better, and she said I can resume normal exercise in a couple of days if nothing changes.

I’m trying to feel calm about this because I’M BEING CRAZY RIGHT?! But it’s hard to calm down when it feels like the baby’s going to fall out! All I know is that this baby is suddenly very VERY low and it’s insanely uncomfortable. Is it possible for the baby to go back up?! I sure hope so! I don’t want to go into labor early, but I also don’t want to imagine how uncomfortable it will be to have to deal with 2 more months of this!

I just got to remind myself how unworried the doctor looked about this!


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