Gabrielle’s axioms

Gabby has been so particular about her appearance lately. God help you if you call her pretty when she was planning to look adorable. The nuance in vocabulary is very important, people! This morning she wore a space shuttle tshirt with a skirt, head band, and boots. When I told her she looked cute, she corrected me promptly. “No! I look COOL!” Oops, sorry. Yes, I see the cool factor now. I don’t know what I was thinking when I said cute. My bad.

A few other funny conversations:

Gabby: “Mom! Why did you put a calendar in Baby Zero’s room?!”
Me: “It’s a decoration.”
Gabby: “I don’t like it!”
She goes back to observe it again.
Gabby: “Well… I like it a little bit. But not a lot.”

Later on, Gabby was bending her stuffed horse and pulling the legs pretty hard, so I told her to be careful not to break it. She answers, “You can’t break it, it’s fluffy. It’s made of FLUFFY STUFF! It can’t be broken!” Duh.


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