New doctor, awesome doctor

I saw a different doctor today, the only midwife in that practice actually, and she was awesome.

She said my blood work is normal, my glucose tolerance test result were really great, my belly size is good, and my weight gain was good. Everything is right on track where it should be.

Take that, mean doctor who thinks I should be shamed for my weight gain!

I asked if she could be my primary doctor for the rest of my pregnancy. She said she’d be glad to do it, especially since I have such a normal textbook pregnancy. There’s really no complication history she’d be missing out on, not in this pregnancy or the last!

In the mean time, just thought you guys might like to know the only name left on our name board! It’s been sitting on there unchanged for at least a month so there’s a pretty good chance it’ll be the final one:

Eloise Scarlett, “Elsie” for short.


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