Brutal motivation

When we were traveling to Hawaii a few months ago, Gabby was obsessed with writing “notes” for her friends… and much to our surprise it turned out she knew how to write her best friend Kyle’s name. She doesn’t even know how to write her own name!

Anyway, since then we’ve been trying to encourage her to practice writing letters more, but of course the more we encourage it the less she does it. These days she just fills notebook after notebook with zig zags that are supposed to mean such and such.

When she was getting ready for school yesterday she decided she wanted to take one of her notes to Kyle. She got to school and Kyle was making her a pink card filled with heart stickers. When they saw each other they were so excited to tell the other about the thing they had made for them.

Gabby was happy with the card Kyle made for her. Then she gave him her note and said “it says ‘I love Kyle’!” Kyle looked at it and replied “no it doesn’t. It doesn’t have my name on it, it’s just a bunch of Ms. I don’t want it.”

Gabby was so deflated!! She lost her smile and her shoulders slumped down. I felt SO bad for her!! I feel crushed for her every time I think about it. Poor thing.

At the same time, I’m kind of glad it happened. Hopefully it motivates her to learn to write! I know we can’t push her to practice or she’ll just hate it, so that’s some brutal external motivation for you!

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