San Diego Comic-Con

We had a pretty crazy weekend over here. Since we didn’t manage to get tickets for PAX this year, the video game convention that we attend yearly in Seattle, we decided to attend San Diego Comic-Con instead, which was last weekend. We dropped Gabby off at my parents’ house on Friday night and then drove off to San Diego on our own!

The whole weekend is kind of a blur. On Friday night it seemed like we’d be kid-free forever–a whole 2 days and 2 nights is basically forever right?–yet before we knew it, it was time to leave San Diego. On Saturday and Sunday we walked through the exhibit hall from 10am to around 3pm. We never saw anything twice, that’s how much there is to see!

We browsed through the artist booths the most. We didn’t really recognize any of them except a couple, but they all had some great art prints for sale. We bought 4 prints I think, to replace the art I had found online, printed, and framed when we moved. My brother bought a few himself. The typical price for a 8×10 print was around $10-15, so that’s pretty cheap coming from the artist himself/herself and signed by hand. It’s also souvenir we’ll cherish for a while, as opposed to whatever piece of art I’d buy in a chain store.

We also bought a couple of comic books for Gabby. Nothing fancy or insightful. We got one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one and a My Little Pony one. We read them tonight, Gabby is really loving them! She already knows and loves the characters, so it feels like we’re getting to watch more of them without actually watching TV. Win-win! I think I will buy more of them for sure.

There’s also a lot of celebrities and panels at Comic-Con, but from going in 2010 we remembered not to even try waiting in line for those. You have to get in line hours ahead of time, and seriously, who has time and patience for that? Not me! We did spot Kevin Bacon getting interviewed in the exhibit hall, John Barrowman from Doctor Who and Torchwood singing autographs in the exhibit hall as well, and a couple of web cartoonists we really like. So that was kind of cool!

Chris and I both caught a cold, though it seems like it will be pretty mild. I also scratched my phone and cracked a tooth, I have no recollection of either actually happening. I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday morning to find out exactly what’s up with my tooth, it’s still whole but I can feel a line in it when I run my tongue over it. Maybe it’s not even cracked, maybe it’s a loose filling? Who knows. It doesn’t even hurt, so hopefully it’s not that bad!


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