A haircut, and more name talk

Gabrielle had her very first professional haircut on Tuesday. When she was smaller I cut it myself a couple of times and I don’t think I did too bad, but I stopped cutting because I wanted to grow her hair out like some of the little girls with long beautiful hair from preschool. Well I guess you know what they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Letting it “grow out” generated little growth and mostly just created a really big mess of broken, fine hair.

SO. It was time. It was time for professional help. I was terrified Gabby would end up with a short haircut that I would hate so I took her to my stylist that I know and love instead of going to some kids super cut store. I didn’t care what it cost, I wanted good advice about how to keep Gabby’s half-curly half-straight mess of a head from looking like, well, a mess.

From start to finish, the whole thing was a success. My stylist listened to me about not cutting it too short so overall her hair looks the same except more cleaned up. She said cutting the extra dead stuff would help get her hair uniformly curly/wavy. She showed me what she did so I could cut it myself at home. And she gave me tips on how to style it (assuming Gabby would ever let us wash her hair – that’s still a job and a half because OH MY GOD THERE’S WATER IN HER EYES WE’RE TRYING TO KILL HER). And I figured she would charge me full price but she only charged me half price, so that was nice!

Gabby was super excited about getting a haircut so she did great. For some reason she thought this was a HUGE big girl privilege. The stylist cut her hair dry because no little kids is ever good long enough to sit still through washing, cutting, and blow drying. But Gabby did so great with the cut that we decided, hey let’s try to wash and blow dry it, why not! Gabby sat still and smiled through the whole thing. She wasn’t so sure about the hair washing, but she toughed it out. I’m just glad someone else was getting a good wash in there!

I had promised her CPK and ice cream if she did a good job. I knew that was a big mistake on my part when I saw her literally bouncing out of the salon. She was done sitting still!! So the restaurant was a bit of a challenge, but we survived.

As for Baby Zero, we have the next ultrasound early Monday morning. I’m hoping to see a nice stomach full of fluids! I haven’t stressed about it much, but I’ll be glad when it’s done.

We’re still talking names endlessly, it feels like we’ll never be done! We’ve narrowed down our white board entries to this:
Eloise Aurora
Eloise Titania
Eloise Juniper

It looks like Eloise Aurora is going to be it. But we’ll see.

We thought the nickname would be Ellie, which we haven’t dismissed yet, but Ellie is #97 on the top popular name list, along with similar-sounding Ella which stands at #12 right now. So now we’re thinking of going with Elsie instead of Ellie.

When we named Gabrielle, I didn’t think the nickname was such a big deal. I knew some people would use Gabby, but I didn’t realize that it would basically become her name. Starting from her first daycare she got called Gabby, and that was pretty much the end of Gabrielle. I love the nickname Gabby too, so I don’t have a problem with that, but now I know choosing a nickname is just as important as choosing the name!


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