The naming game!

I had another uneventful doctor checkup yesterday. The baby’s heartbeat is good, my belly measures appropriately for 21 weeks, and my blood pressure was good.

So far the only thing that’s keeping me up at night is what to name this child!! I know we have a lot of time, but I hate hate hate having this BIG GIANT THING hanging over my head.

We have a huge online spreadsheet with lots of names we have considered/are considering, and a white board at home where we put up on top choices. It helps to have the white board and physically see the names up there every day instead of just having it tucked away in a digital file we open only occasionally. Almost every day we’ve wiped and added names to the board. Many have disappeared just to reappear a few days later!

It seems like naming Gabby was so much easier. I loved Aurelia, Chris loved Eloise, and we both really like Gabrielle so that settled it. For the middle name, we loved Faye or Mae, but we thought Gabrielle Faye flowed better than Gabrielle Mae so that was done.

This time around, Eloise has had a chance to grow on me and it’s currently my top choice. It goes well with Gabrielle because it’s also French and contains the same “elle” sound without looking too matchy-matchy. And the nickname Ellie matches well with the nickname Gabby too. Chris still likes it, but strangely enough he’s not totally sold over it this time. We’re a little concerned that Ellie is too close to the super duper popular Emma and Ella. Moreover, Gabrielle was a pretty conservative choice so I think we’re both itching to pick something a little more unique. But ultimately, we’ve decided that we both like Eloise and it’s basically our backup if we don’t agree on anything we love more.

Other current favorites for first names are:
Evey (Chris isn’t crazy about it, but I love it so I keep it on the list!)
Primrose (we like Rose, but Primrose adds a little more oomph to it)
Lorelei (Chris isn’t crazy about it and I’m not in love with it, but it’s managed to stay on the board somehow so that’s saying something!)
Mae (still a favorite from last time – but I wish it wasn’t so short, especially when you put it next to Gabrielle)

The middle name we feel free to get super creative with. Since Gabby’s middle name is Faye, we were playing with fairy middle names to keep with the theme. It could be something fun that our girls have in common! From Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (of which I know the fairies indirectly from the Jim Butcher books!), we like Maeve (which was my favorite first name choice when I thought it was pronounced may-vee, but actually it’s pronounced mayv and I’m not crazy about that) or Titania (which we prefer pronounced the more American way, like titanium, instead of the English way tee-tanya). Chris loves Titania so much that he’s still rooting to push that as a first name, he really likes the nickname Ti (like tie) too. I really liked it too initially, but now I’m just not sure.

We’ve also looked up moon/Greek middle names, to match with my grandmother Rhea. Chris really likes the Greek names. I think they’re pretty, but all a bit long. Our favorites there are Elara, Adrastea, and Eukelade. Along the same European base, I really like Lokie and Aisling (Irish name pronounced Ashling), but Chris isn’t convinced.

Chris has also suggested a bunch of nature names, like River, Summer, and Winter. I think they’re cute, but definitively not for more than a middle name, especially with our unusual last name. And when I dig deep into my rebellious hippy side, I also really like Art and Rogue as middle names, both of which Chris isn’t liking much at all.

I think a fun middle name is a good way to let our creativity flow while still choosing a good classic non-regrettable first name. But overall, other than our Eloise backup, we can’t agree on very much!

5 thoughts on “The naming game!

    • Oh Erica, I have to tell you I had a weird dream that you send out a group email announcing you guys had picked the name Maverick and people were absolutely not allowed to nickname him Mave or Rick. Just Maverick.

      But I must have been projecting, my top favorite boy names for this baby were Maverick and Alastair 🙂

      On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 3:39 PM, Q.E.D: The Quiet and The Easily

    • I like Eloise Titania, but my favorite is Eloise Lokie 🙂

      On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 9:08 AM, Q.E.D: The Quiet and The Easily

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