A day of firsts!

Gabby goes on and on about the train every morning on our way to school because we can see train tracks from the freeway. I always imagined we’d be adventurous enough to take the long ride to my parents’ house by train one day, but we were afraid that it’d be as painful as keeping her busy during a plane ride. Recently I read about how the train station in Carpinteria is just a couple of blocks from the beach, so we decided to take the 15 minute train ride from Santa Barbara to Carpinteria!

We were still terrified about getting stranded there with no car. What if Gabby’s mood turns sour (which can happen at the drop of a hat) and then we’re stuck with a cranky kid waiting for the next train ride back home. Chris and I were talking over about whether it was a good idea and he mentioned “we’ll be taking a risk.” Gabby heard him and replied “I don’t want to take a risk, I want to take a TRAIN!” Duh.

So we hopped on the train at 9:30. The trains coming back were at 11:15 or 2:45, so really big difference there! 11:15 seemed like a really short trip, but Gabby was already done with the beach (had gotten wet in the water and already gotten through her one and only change of clothes) by 10:30, so we decided 2:45 was way too much of a gamble. We took the 11:15 back home! It was a really short trip (and gosh, the train for 3 people was EXPENSIVE!) but it was fun to do it once. I really wish it was more economical to take the train, but driving is sadly much cheaper unless you are alone, and even there you barely even out.

Apparently I was on a high from doing something new and exciting in the morning, I decided to keep it going into the afternoon. We took Gabby to see a movie at the theater, her very first movie theater experience!! I hate the movie theater (mainly because it’s uncomfortable, expensive, too loud, and the sound of people chewing popcorn drives me bananas!) but my last trip to the movie theater was when I got dragged into seeing Star Trek in 2009. I guess I was due! The experience with Gabby went very well, we kept her quiet with a bag of popcorn which she ate almost entirely by herself! It was fun to go together but I am looking forward to not going back for another 4 years 🙂

Now, photos!







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