So the ultrasound went well this morning. Our little baby GIRL measures perfectly for a due date of 11/17. She was sleeping through the ultrasound, and even let us take a photo of her little face. I think she looks like Gabby!

Anyway, she was perfect in every way except there was one small problem. Her stomach was too small/empty, it looked like a little sliver of a raisin while it should have looked like a plump little grape. The doctor said it could be a sign of blockage meaning she can’t swallow amniotic fluid like she should. However, he said if that was really the case, there would have been an excess of fluid in the amniotic sac (called polyhydramnios, I looked it up), which there wasn’t. So chances are, she’s swallowing just fine and it was just bad timing that she emptied her stomach right before the ultrasound.

However, he has to check it off the list and he couldn’t *technically* confirm he saw the stomach filled with fluids, so he scheduled me for an additional ultrasound in one month to confirm. Because no other signs of blockage were present, he told me it was nothing to lose sleep over so I won’t. Today should have been my last ultrasound of the pregnancy, but now at least we’ll get to see her little face once more!


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