It’s not just me

When I tell people who don’t know Gabby personally, for example my co-workers, that my child is insanely active, they take one look at my shy personality and say “oh no, your child is just a normal kid. You should see so-and-so’s kid.” Sometimes I start to believe them… Maybe I’m exaggerating? Maybe I’m building this up in my head? Maybe I’m too easily overwhelmed?

But then I get these ah-ha moments that make me realize I’m NOT crazy after all. A couple of weeks ago at the zoo, we bumped into a family with twins that go to Gabby’s preschool. The twins were looking at the sea otters while Gabby was doing what Gabby does, namely running all over the place, jumping excitedly, asking too many questions, and randomly bursting out into an entire song and dance number. The parents told us “she’s so active, I don’t know how you guys do it.”

Let me emphasize that, parents of TWINS told US “I don’t know how you guys do it.” (!!!!) I was so surprised by the comment, I couldn’t even find anything to say. I just laughed and followed Gabby who was already 3 exhibits away because sea otters were so 1 minute ago.


One thought on “It’s not just me

  1. LOL. Totally her. Walking ahead, not even thinking about those left behind, like “what is your problem, forgot how to walk?”. It is not the over active, it is the “I am going that way, doing this, let me know if you have a better idea” kind of attitude. She is simply not into waiting… I love her.

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