Sad day for our bearded dragon

We came home tonight to find our bearded dragon dead on the front porch. We take him out there every day so he can enjoy the warm sun and fresh air. He was fine when we took him out this morning, so we have no idea what happened. I would have suspected a hawk attack or a mail package dropped in the wrong place, but his body looked fine. We figure the only possibility is that he ate something poisonous? I told Gabby that maybe he got attacked by an animal, and she suspects it was a crocodile or an octopus. Because we have a lot of those around here šŸ™‚

In any case, it’s sad because it’s a shock. He’d been looking so much healthier now that it’s been warm enough to leave him outside during the day! But on the flip side, well it’s one less pet to take care of. We were just wondering last week where we’d move his cage because we moved it into the empty bedroom this winter. I guess now we don’t have to figure it out.

Less duties or not, we will miss the little guy. We had him for 4 years, after all. Here’s a photo of Gabby with him last year!



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