Busy days are almost behind us!

I can’t believe the last time I blogged was May 9th. Two weeks! Things have been fairly insane around here, our calendar was totally packed for April and May. Moreover, there’s been so many cool opportunities for me and I just can’t say no! I would hate signing up for too much and failing to deliver, but at the same time I don’t want to shut anything down because you never know where it’s going to lead you!

First of all, I made Senior Programmer at work. It doesn’t come with any changes in my duties, other than getting yelled at more when I do a mistake because “you’re a senior programmer now.” Ha!

Then I also became a Copy Editor at GeekMom. I’ve been writing there for maybe a year and a half. Lately we’ve been restructuring some things around, including more editors to do the extra work of copy editing (proofreading, making sure the writers say what they mean and mean what they say), content editing (promoting ideas for possible posts, managing writers), and web editing (keeping an online presence on all social media outlets). I was selected for the copy editing team, so now I get to correct native English speakers’ grammar and sentence structure… Isn’t that funny?!

Another thing that has popped up, the Santa Barbara Makerspace (a small place that’s sort of a boys’ club for playing with electronics) has partnered with the Santa Barbara Library to expend its volunteer base and the classes and opportunities they can both offer to community. I’ve been keeping loosely involved. At the beginning of May, one woman offered a kids programming class so I attended it to see how she was structuring the class. Granted the library can get more powerful laptops for the kids to run the programs I’ve been wanting to teach, I will teach a class as well in the future!

Then last night we had an open forum at the library. I was on the panel to talk to the public about the partnership and things we volunteers would like to see for the library space. What I would like to see is of course more programming classes for kids, as well as open lab time for kids and parents to “make” things together (make = crafts, electronics, programming, art, sewing, whatever!). That’s the whole idea behind a makerspace, a hangout spot where a community can come together to share ideas and knowledge.

And talking about makerspaces, we drove to the San Jose for the Maker Faire last weekend. This event is HUGE!!! They nickname it “the greatest show and tell on Earth” and that’s exactly what it is. People coming from all over to show off things they make, whether it’s nerdy, techy, or artsy. It has a big tendency toward the eccentric, so you’ll see a lot of crazy things. Giant bikes, fire breathing dragon metal sculpture, etc. But you’ll also see a lot of electronics, robots, crafts, alternative education programs, etc. I signed up to help around with the GeekMom and GeekDad booth, some of the writers were there to represent our blogs, show off some projects we’ve done individually, and play board games with kids walking by! I had already done the same thing last year too, although I traveled alone last year because Gabby was sick.

So we drove out to the Bay area Friday night, and stayed at our friend Ryan’s house. We arrived around midnight and as I was putting Gabby into bed, I noticed she felt hot. Thankfully I had brought the thermometer and sure enough, she had a fever of 102. Argh, the timing with this child’s illnesses!! We tried to take it easy Saturday morning, and she seemed better (with medicine) so we went to the Maker Faire for a little bit. I stayed at the GeekMom booth and Chris walked around with Gabby, but it quickly became obvious that Gabby wasn’t doing too well so we headed back to Ryan’s place. There wasn’t much for her to do there, so we ended up deciding to drive back home Saturday night. Nine hours of driving in 24 hours, oh yeah! That was super fun. But at least we got to see some friends, so not all is lost!

Gabby was just a tiny bit feverish (but not enough to warrant medicine) on Sunday, and we kept her home on Monday just to be safe but she didn’t even have a fever at all. She’s been acting a little off this week, but hopefully we’ll get all that sickness out of her system before her birthday this weekend!

We are planning a big party at a park on Monday since it’s a holiday and her actual birthday date. Gabby is super excited (like RIDICULOUSLY excited) for her space shuttle party and sharing cake with her friends. She was very clear that she wanted to invite “ALL MY FRIENDS FROM SCHOOL!” and that we should have cake and a pinata.

I’m really excited for the party too, in part because it’s the last thing on our schedule for a good long while. We have nothing planned for June. Sometimes I just sit here and look at my June calendar and take a minute to appreciate how empty it is. Just looking at our April and May calendars was giving me hives about how full it was, so I’m very very happy June is almost finally here. We have a couple of fun things planned for this summer, but I’m focusing on mostly keeping it free and clear for impromptu picnics at the beach and play dates with friends!

I think we deserve a little bit of “normal” around here!


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