Back to reality

We’re back home! The flight back was probably one of our worst flights with Gabby yet, I guess vacation can be pretty taxing on a preschooler. We were so upset with her, but it was hard not to laugh when she kept screaming on the plane “I’M LOSING MY PATIENCE!” No kidding!

I know I’m not a patient person, and I can especially short-tempered with Gabby if I’m hungry or tired. So when it’s getting late at night and she’s giving me a hard time during the bedtime routine, I try to take a breather and explain to her why I’m upset instead of yelling at her for reasons that aren’t entirely her fault. I tell her “Gabby, I know you’re tired but I’m tired too and I’m losing my patience with you. Can you please help me?” I think it’s important to share with her that I’m not perfect and I have feelings too. So it was pretty funny to see her throw that sentence back in my face! It’s not a bad thing though, it’s good that she can communicate her feelings. Now, if only she could do that without also kicking and screaming at the same time…

So we survived the flight back and Gabby was so excited to go back to school the next morning. She barely bothered to say goodbye to me when I dropped her off. I think she was pretty sick of hanging out with her parents and no friends!!

On the pregnancy side, something happened to my belly while I was on vacation. More specifically, it got big! I’m pretty sure it’s 50% snow cones and 50% baby, but my pants were so uncomfortable buttoned up. I went to the maternity store last night to buy a belly band so I could wear my pants unbuttoned, but then I figured I might as well try on some new maternity pants while I was there. Last time I didn’t wear maternity pants until probably around 18 weeks and my pride really didn’t want me to jump into maternity clothes earlier the second time around. But the instant I slipped on some maternity jeans in the dressing room last night, I was in belly heaven. Holy cow, so comfy! Forget pride, bring on the maternity pants! I was in desperate need of some new pants anyway, all mine were seriously beat up. So now I’m very happy to be both comfortable and not look like a hobo. Clean, new, crisp, dark jeans. I feel so put together!

This week I am 12 weeks along. The baby is the size of a lime and I can’t feel it yet but it is starting to have reflexes and move. It seems hard to believe that I’m less than two weeks away from starting my second trimester! Time flies. Tomorrow we have our next big milestone, the 12-week ultrasound at the specialist. The first trimester is when most of the major development happens (i.e. where things can go seriously wrong) so we’ll see if the baby is still alive, well formed, and thriving. I’m a little bit nervous, but judging by my growing bulge I’m assuming the baby is doing quite alright.

In the mean time, Chris and I are moving ahead with the nursery. I came up with the idea of doing a Totoro-themed nursery after the Japanese kids movie Totoro. It’s one of Gabby’s favorite so she’s super excited about the Totoro room for the baby, and Chris and I always loved everything Japanese so it’s very fitting. Totoro is a big grey “forest spirit” (he looks like a giant Koala), so the theme color (grey) will match our house color scheme. Plus, it’s gender-neutral so we were able to go ahead and start right away! Since Gabby and I were sick often in the past month and stuck at home a lot, I did a lot of online shopping for the nursery. We’ve already got window treatments, crib bedding, and a handmade knitted Totoro crib mobile I found on Etsy! Now I’m anxious to paint the walls as soon as possible (from blue like Gabby’s room to dark grey like our bedroom), I can’t wait to put in all the new decorations and buy the finishing touches! I feel so ahead of the game, yeah!


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