Day 5 + Day 6

Gabby was tired on the 5th day, so we basically did nothing all day! Today, Chris went on a long boat excursion with my dad, brother, and cousin (who arrived last night, she came to take our room since Chris and I are only staying one week and my parents rented the condo for two weeks). The boat ride on the open sea water would have been too rough for me in my “condition” so I stayed behind like a good girl. Such a bummer! The boat (leaving at 6 am!) took them to a isolated reef area far far away. They got a chance to snorkel around the reef, they spotted sea lions, dolphins, sea turtles, one shark, and hundreds of beautiful fish!

Meanwhile, my mom and I took Gabby on a little trip to the south coast of the island. We had the best banana pancakes for breakfast, made with “apple bananas” which are Hawaiian bananas that are smaller and sweeter. Then we visited the “Spouting Horn,” a beach where the waves crash into rocks. The water pressure builds up and every minute or so you get a giant geyser of water shoot up through holes on the top of the rocky bluff. Gabby was SO excited!


Then we visited an old sugar cane plantation that offers little train rides for the kids. The train goes through an orchard of various fruits.



Sugar canes:

Pineapples. Apparently a single plant will only produce two fruits in its lifetime, taking 2.5 years to produce each of its two pineapples. I find this surprising, but I guess he should know what he’s taking about!


The train stopped at a wild pig farm where we got a chance to feed the pigs. Gabby dumped her whole cup of food in one spot and the pigs jumped over each other to get it. She said “the pigs are angry!” Yeah, they don’t share food very well! Wild pigs outnumber humans 5 to 1 in Kauai so they have a year-round open hunting season to help control the population. Between the wild pigs and the wild chickens, you’d think meat would be much cheaper around here!





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