Our first flight from Santa Barbara to San Francisco was scheduled to take 1.5 hours. We’d done that flight before in only 50 minutes, so I was wondering why they were saying 1.5 hours this time. Turns it’s because we had a dinky little plane with a propeller on each wing. No jet engines! It was loud, and slow, and holy cow the vibrations! But Gabby thought the whole thing was so interesting, so hurray!

Our layover was uneventful and our flight to Lihue, Kauai, went very well for the most part. Gabby was so tired from the 4am wake up call that she fell asleep before the plane even took off. After her nap, she watched a movie. She was a dream to fly with… Except for the last 20 minutes. Then she really went feral! She was so done being calm and good! Thankfully we had some really favorable winds and we landed almost 50 minutes early. So we are feeling really lucky, those last 20 minutes could have been 70 minutes!

Getting the rental car, eating lunch at a restaurant, then driving 1 hour to our condo on the other side of the island, now that really pushed her over the edge. She was not patient! But we made it in time for Free Mai Tai Hour at the pool, so it’s all good.

Because of her ear tubes, we’ve only been in a pool with Gabby once, in Seattle last summer. Both her tubes are out now, so we don’t have to worry anymore! It’s amazing how unafraid she is of the water with so little experience. Chris was teaching her to kick her legs and swim, but when she came to me I asked if she wanted to put her head under the water. She said yes, so I told her to hold her breath and I dunked her down. She loved it! She spent the rest of the swimming time practicing going under water by herself in the kiddie pool!

I only have pictures of the view from our condo, I will have to get more photos today!



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