Oh man, you know that feeling when you just can’t get a break? Here’s our spring so far:

– I got pregnant: Happy news, but also a lot to deal with emotionally and physically!
– Gabby stopped being potty trained: Still a work in progress. Also emotionally draining on everyone.
– I was sick with a cold/sinus infection/pretty much everything was infected. Thanks to a no antibiotics rule for first trimesters, it lasted about 5 weeks.
– My grandmother died.
– We flew to Canada: It was great to see family, but man. Exhausting last-minute trip that we totally did not have the energy for.
– Gabby got sick: We had to keep Gabby at home from last Friday to yesterday with a mean stomach flu. I don’t even know by what miracle Chris and I didn’t catch it yet.

Today was Gabby’s first day back to school. In an attempt not to waste our Paid Time Off (our precious rare vacation/sick days), we’ve been watching Gabby at home in shifts. Chris goes to work from 6am to noon while I watch Gabby, and I go to work from noon to 6pm while he watches her. Yes, it’s shorter hours, but it’s crazier hours and we have to squeeze 8 hours of work into 6 so we don’t fall behind on our jobs. Meanwhile, we had to get up almost every hour on the hour for most of Gabby’s flu because her fever was so high. Even now that the fever’s gone and she’s more or less better, she’s been sleeping worse at night, waking up to ask for things, acting very demanding during the day, and flipping out at the smallest thing. She’s not 100% back yet. We’re tired, she’s tired, everyone’s cranky.

All put together, Chris and I have been going to bed at 9pm every night for as long as we can remember, just trying to catch up on rest. We were talking and laughing last night, about how crazy and busy things have been. We can’t remember the last time we stayed up past 10pm to watch a movie or play a game or just relax. We can’t remember the last time we both put in a full week of work with no special requests for time off, alternate schedules, sick days, or doctor appointments. We can’t remember the last time we were home AND all healthy to enjoy a pleasant, simple, quiet, fun weekend with no stress or schedules or people to see or appointments to attend or places to be. Walking to the local park? Visiting the zoo? Going to the beach? Man, those were the days.

Chris and I are trying really hard to get mentally prepared for our trip to Hawaii in less than two weeks. Don’t get me wrong, we are so thankful for it and we know it’s going to be awesome. But at the same time, it’s another trip… More planes, more time zones, more disrupted schedules, more going back to work tired from late flights, more hoping no one gets sick because we can’t afford more PTO. If it hadn’t been for the last-minute trip to Canada, we’d be super psyched for Hawaii. We’d be ready to pack those suitcases and tackle those planes and go on that vacation! But right now, from this angle, having just done those things for less than joyful reasons, we’re having a really hard time seeing past another 6-hour flight with an energetic 2-year-old and a cranky pregnant lady.

I just want to hide in my bed and wake up in sunny Hawaii. Is teleportation really too much to ask?!


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