Bad timing

A couple of months ago, we were at the library and Gabrielle said she needed to go potty so I took her to the restroom. It was in the evening and Gabby was a little tired so she was being as unhelpful as possible, wiggling as I was trying to dress her, touching everything, whatever. Finally I paused, took a deep sigh, and with my best exasperated tone I told Gabby, “can you help me?!”

Right at that moment, someone walked into the bathroom. She hadn’t heard my previous exchanges with Gabby, so she sheepishly answered “uh, yeah?” The poor woman thought I was in there alone and asking for her help! I busted out laughing, explained I was talking to my child, and apologized for freaking her out. Wow, can you imagine how awkward that would be, walking into a bathroom and someone in a stall asks for help in the most exasperated tone?!

It’s one of those stories I wanted to write up right away and always forgot. So glad I remembered to share it now 🙂


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