Baby Zero?

Chris and I were going nowhere on the baby nickname thing, mostly because we weren’t even thinking about it! Then I had a stroke of genius, I could include Gabby on it and let her decide. Get her involved and all that. She just started naming things lately, she named her stuffed cat Funshine Ears (because we were reading a Care Bears book with Funshine Bear), so she might happy to nickname her baby brother or sister.

In any case, having a ridiculous nickname picked by a 2-year-old has got to be better than no nickname at all cause your parents were too busy to think about it, ha!

So a couple of nights ago during our special mommy-Gabby time when we sit in bed, read books, and talk about our day, I told Gabby the baby needed a nickname and asked if she could come up with one. She got all quiet, the way she does when she’s thinking about something real hard, but couldn’t find anything.

I asked again last night. I figured I might be to help the process along with some example.

Me: How about Baby 2?
Gabby, showing 5 fingers on her hands: How about Baby 5!
Me: That makes no sense.
Gabby, making a triangle with her hands: Look, triangle!
Me: You want to nickname the baby Baby Triangle?
Gabby: No, that’s silly!
Me: Ok, how about Baby Monkey?
Gabby: No, that’s silly!
Me: Baby hippo?
Gabby: No, that’s silly! How about Baby Zero?
Me: That’s silly!
Gabby: No, Baby Zero. Too much talking, time to sleep. Good night mommy and Baby Zero.

Baby Zero. Leave it to the kid nicknamed Itty Bitty Programmer to count backwards in binary! I thought she might forget all about it, but nope. This morning it was still Baby Zero. It’s starting to grow on me!


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