Gabrielle’s axioms

Gabby: How was your day, mom?
Me: It was a little tiring.
Gabby: Why it was tiring?
Me: I had a lot of work to do, and I still have toots.
(Toots is the name of the virus in Curious George, Gabby uses it as a word instead of virus. I’m usually not a fan of baby talk, but this one is just too cute!)
Gabby: Need to kick ’em out!
Me: Are you going to kick them out?
Gabby: No, only you can do that. You need to be stronger. Like this: POW! (She punches her pillow, then goes into a full fake Karate sequence)

My 2-year-old told me to be stronger… I don’t know if I should feel loved or insulted!


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